Add a Reservation option

Step 1. Go to the main menu and choose "settings" -> and then you click on "Reservation options".

Step 2. Press "Add reservation option" at the top right.

Step 3. Products and locations: Here you indicate for which product this option applies.

             Available: Now your product is for sale, but it is not yet visible on your website.

             Is option available on website : You can now see the reservation on your website.

             Obligated : Now the option is mandatory for the customer, which means that he is immediately at the billing. 

             This is used for options such as transaction costs.

             Opt-out: This option is automatically checked with the customer. The customer can still remove the tick.

             Hide on voucher: The option is now not shown on the voucher but with the invoicing.

Step 4. Fill in what option it is.

Step 5. Press "Add reservation option" to add the reservation option.

Your reservation option can now be seen in the list of reservation options.