Step 1. Go to the main menu and select "Customers".

Step 2. Click on the filter "Other", then you click on "Has the balance to be invoiced".

Step 3. Go to the customer you would like to invoice.

Step 4. Click on "Financial". Here you can see what you have to be pay and what has already been paid.

Step 5. Click on "Create invoice".

Step 6. Choose the period you would like to invoice.

Step 7. If the customer has multiple reservations in the period, you can choose between reservations.

            Then you should click on "Show reservations".

Step 8. Then click on "Create invoice & send e-mail".


It is important that you use the mail for your accountant. So that you can always find the invoice.

Bulk invoice

If you want to bill several customers at the same time, hold down the Shift key and click on the customers you want to invoice.d

It is important that you choose the right customer type

Then click on "Create invoices & send e-mail.

If you do not want a billing invoice during the bulk billing. Click on "Show reservations" and you can tick the reservation yourself.