Set a price list.

Step 1. Go to the main menu and select "settings" -> and then you click on "parking fees".

Step 2. Click on the button "Add rates".

Step 3. When you press "add rates" you will see another screen.

On the screen you can enter the name of the price list.

Underneath you can create the description of the price list.

You can choose from when the price starts and until the price applies.

You can enter the starting rate in addition to this. This is the amount that has to be paid per day by the customer.

When you have selected "Set number of rows", there will be a screen where you can enter how many rows you want.

Now all rows appear and you can enter your rates.

At the "Start Rate" you set the rate for parking for the number of days you have set.

At "Surcharge per day" you set the rate that comes with the starting rate every day.

After your last day you can add an extra day. It is important that you enter 365 days here so that the customer can book more than your specified standard days.

Start price in base always + what is entered on daily price. 31 = 74 for example + 31x5.