Add manual reservation 

1. In the main menu go to "Reservations" and then click on the button "Add reservation" in the upper right corner.

2. In the window that opens, you can enter all the data you want. Note that some parts are mandatory, this indicates the system if you want to save the reservation.

3. Attention points :

    -External ID (usually a reservation number of a reseller). The value you enter here can be found in the search index / search bars.

    -Fill in well whether you have paid or not

    -Enter payment method (you can create this yourself, see other article).

    -Choose your product well.

    -You can easily add a discount manually / or a surcharge. You will immediately see the new price. Through the calculator picture you can quickly calculate a discount.

4. Save or Save and Send. (when sending, the customer receives a reservation confirmation trough the e-mail.